Leah Selene

Owner Operator

Leah is an eclectic healer, empath, psychic, reader...she is inspired by simple things and aspiring to change the world. Private Readings or sessions are available by appointment only. She is a mother, a queen, and has a menagerie including over 55 peacocks and a raven. She is a native New Mexican with significant Scottish, Austrian, Native American descent. Her genetics though unique are from a diverse line of healers, witches and world changers. She is always looking for amazing gifted odd people to help them in their path or maybe in hers.

Holly Ravenweed

Practitioner, Reader, Witch

Holly has been studying magick since she was a young girl. She has been formally taught the Gardenerian way but has adapted with different systems as her knowledge grew. She is a professional reader of cards, runes, tea leaves and can do a reading for someone just by hearing their voice. She has traveled world wide and has acquired priceless knowledge of the craft and magick. She has a strong voice and opinion that could convince a pope. She can be contacted for a certain spell or ceremony. She does handfastings, baby blessings, concoctions, protective or enchanting spells. She has offered to share some of her knowledge through a class she teaches, OLD SCHOOL WITCHCRAFT. She IS old School and can help cause movement or progression, just be careful what you ask for! Private lessons or readings are available by appointment. Phone readings or appointments require a deposit. Blessed Be!

Reverend Esa

Psychic, Chakra Cleaning, Aura Reader, Pet Readings

Reverend Esa was born into a eccentric family. After realizing as an adult how gifted he was he took several years in the mountains of China to reflect on his purpose. He has lived and worked in California and Alaska. New Mexico is not for the weak of heart. He is a chakra reader and balancer. Pet readings are one of his specialities. He can help one establish grounding if they are in need. His gentle approach easily puts one at ease. He is able to channel but will only accept special cases. Readings are available by appointment only.

Wyatt Youngblood

President, Storekeeper, Drummer

Wyatt can often be seen strumming his guitar or drumming on a drum. He is super tech savvy and on his way to a military career. (For now) Bring a guitar and make some noise! Make sure to leave a note to talk to anyone you might have missed. He is young but definitely on his way to being more extraordinary and a shamon when he decides the time is right.

Lena Lobo

Gnome Goddess

Lena***Empath, Channeling host, healer...Knew she was gifted as a child and an active advocate for women and children she has Macgiver skills yet she is a mother a nurturer and a bad ass! We are blessed to have her a couple days a week. She isnt open to appointments but might give you a piece of her mind.

Mitchi Divine