Dragon's Blood

Wound Healing Antibacterial Abilities Anti-Diarrheal Properties Possible Ulcer Remedy Anti-Aging Skin Care Dragon’s Blood as an incense or oil As the resin hardens the woodsy aroma is trapped within the hardened sap. If purchasing sap in this form, breaking chunks of resin and warming them will open up the sent of Dragon’s Blood. Upon heating, the resin resembles burning incense with a stronger woody and spicy floral scent that is said to be rich and smoky. If purchasing oils, these most likely have a synthetic incense as Dragon’s Blood oil does not naturally exist in this form. If you desire to make Dragon’s Blood oil, grinding resin and steeping in organic oils will create a deep red oil. (2) Historical uses for Dragon’s Blood Historically, Dragon’s blood served as a dye that was used in varnishes, plaster and color dye for clothing and arts. Dragon’s blood was also used for embalming. Medicinally, the resin was used to treat gastrointestinal and respiratory problems. In some cultures, the resin was used as a form of currency. Mystically, the resin was used in many pagan rituals to enhance protection, love, sexuality, evocation. (2) Metaphysical uses and beliefs surrounding Dragon’s Blood The resin from Daemonorops draco was used in Wiccan and witchcraft traditions the resin was used to entice love. In many cultures, women would burn the resin in their window to invite love or address impotency concerns. In Hoodoo and Southern Conjure, there is a dual belief that Dragon’s blood brings luck in money and love as well as wards off evil. Some believe that that burning Dragon’s Blood Resin with Camphor before moving will cleanse the new home. If seeking a marriage proposal, it is said that putting your “lover’s name on a small square of brown paper, cross it with their own name, fold DRAGON’S BLOOD powder into the Name-Paper, and throw the packet onto glowing charcoal along with Love Me Incense while saying their prayer” will bring marriage. Medicinally, Dragon’s Blood was thought at one time to be used to cure syphilis and was also used for catharsis. The resin cannot be taken internally in hard form. The Croton Lechleri sap is found to hold the most medicinal benefits.

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